About the system

CIR.Personnel software product provides a complex solution for solving tasks of managing the personnel department operating processes.

The main purpose is to enhance effectiveness and the quality of the human resources department, improve the quality of management solutions with maximal involvement of modern human resources management technologies and reduction in the scope of routine processes.

The system purpose

The subsystem allows the performance of the following functions:
• storing and keeping cards of staff members, seasonable employees and dismissed employees (T-2 form);
• flow of documents, which require endorsement and approval, within the system with automatic timely notification of the process participants;
• formation of orders based on employees’ applications in accordance with legislation endorsed forms;
• keeping an electronic journal of sick leave certificates with a protocol received automatically for the accounts department;
• automation of recording daily performance, leaves and business trips;
• maintaining processes of organizing competitions for vacant positions and collecting personal information about candidates;
• calendar planning of employees’ training, certification, leaves, etc.;
• searching for necessary information under different criteria;
• opportunity of integration with the systems distributed by local regulatory bodies;
• execution of reports.

One of CIR.Personnel advantages is an opportunity to organize teamwork taking into account geographically distributed structure of organization with highly-restricted differentiation of access rights to a subdivision employee’s personal information.

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