Regional Statistics





About the system

The information system «Regional Statistics» (IS RS) offers an opportunity to carry out automated and manual collection of statistical information which is received from the region’s healthcare institutions both as primary data and as aggregated, grouped data.

By applying modern information technologies and integration mechanisms, the region received a universal instrument of getting necessary statistical information, react promptly to requirements and requests of the regional and federal healthcare system authorities.

IS RS can perform the following functions:
• efficient collection of primary information;
• efficient collection of aggregated information;
• executing optional forms of reporting, analysis;.
• control of inputted data quality

Description of the solution

The system is based on a united center of data processing (DPC) which is established on the basis of existing structures involved in reports execution.

IS RS realizes key and satellite tasks of automating the processes of statistical data collection, standardization and processing in accordance with reporting forms required by regional and federal healthcare authorities, government structures, etc.

The IS RS efficient mechanisms of data collection provide opportunities of carrying out different kinds of inspections not at the stage of final execution of a report on the region, but at the moment of filling in data at each medical institution.

The system allows specifying the error source at the stage of forming regional reports due to the opportunity to track users who introduced changes and also realize introduction of changes version control.

The IS RS convenient interface provides a means of executing new reports independently without involvement of developers, which is of particular importance due to constant changes of reporting forms and executing reports «on demand».

The system is a Web-portal placed in the DPC. It covers the whole healthcare system of the region due to modest requirements to Internet channel speed characteristics.

For Regional Healthcare authorities:

• improvement in quality of management by means of using updated and high quality statistical information;
• immediate reaction to the federal level requirements for execution of reports.

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