Planned Hospitalization





About the system

The information system «Planned Hospitalization» (IS PH) is designed for optimization in planning the diagnostics and treatment process stages at different medical institutions depending on their specialization, work load, treatment cost.

IS PH provides a means of increasing medical care accessibility, using high-tech medical care center (HTMC) resources more effectively, and improving medical services quality.

IS PH can perform the following functions:

• planning and control of the treatment process;
• making an electronic waiting list;
• setting up an electronic appointment for a patient;
• planning surgeries;
• route scheduling for a patient;
• registration of the clinical data necessary for analytics.

Description of the solution

IS PH is based on dividing the treatment process into stages and distributing the stages among medical institutions of different levels. Efficiency is increased due to short-term usage of medical institutions with high-priced treatment.

IS PH introduces several terms that are new in healthcare, such as:

• A cluster stands for medical institutions of different status and level united by one goal (for example, a cardiology cluster) — outpatient clinics, in-patient clinic, high-tech centers and health resorts. All institutions are united by one common task — to maintain the technological process continuity until a patient’s recovery.

• Treatment regulations stand for a formalized description of the technological succession of all treatment stages: from primary inspection, high-technology operation, post-operation period to recovery and further observation over a patient. A patient’s itinerary of attending all institutions is automated on the basis of the treatment regulations.

IS PH is a coordinating link between medical institutions and patients.

Using this work layout, a patient contacts not only the domiciliary medical institution. In order to send a patient to a high-tech medical care center, the primary medical institution fills in and inputs an established form and submits it to the system via any accessible device: fax, telephone, e-mail.

IS PH makes an initial conclusion whether an application is compliant with the regulations and standard requirements or not — it either accepts or denies it for further improvement. But the important fact is that the patient has already been registered in the system and his further route can be easily traced. In case the application is compliant with all formal requirements, it is entered in the system for booking the treatment dates at all stages. The IS PH dispatch operator brings the results of consideration to notice of the outpatient clinic and the patient. The dispatch operator must inform the patient about the forthcoming stage of treatment. Only upon receiving the patient’s consent, his/her data are entered in the schedule. Later on the system controls execution of applications.

In parallel with that, the medical institution’s work load statistics is kept. An opportunity of carrying out the specified stage by the medical institution, the stage cost, the medical institution remoteness, etc. are taken into account.

IS PH minimizes the human factor influence and in the meantime provides specialists with the right to make the final decision – directing to hospitalization, decision on performing a surgery, etc.

For patients:
• increase in accessibility of high-technology medical care;
• improvement of the service quality by means of using the one window principle and centralized planning of treatment.

For Regional Healthcare authorities:
• increased effectiveness of the Region healthcare resources usage;
• organization of systematic, well-grounded, effective interaction between institutions for the patients’ benefit.

For Doctors:
• opportunity of getting extra profit due to rendering services to more patients;
• opportunity to work more productively in a brand new non-confrontational technologic environment.

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