Patient Service





About the system

The informational system «Patient Service» (IS PS) maintains automation of the patient service process and increases a medical institution’s work transparency. This subsystem can contribute to reducing the number of lines at a medical institution, satisfy social expectations of citizens, and also release extra organizational load from outpatient clinics personnel.

IS PS provides fulfillment of the following functions via the Internet, from home or any other convenient place, also by means of an info-terminal set up at a medical institution:
• setting up a preliminary appointment;
• printing out a patient’s visit coupon and a patient’s Itinerary Sheet;
• receiving information about a medical institution working hours (displaying working hours of doctors and offices);
• automated registration of rendered services using bar codes;
• providing feedback between a medical institution and a patient;
• displaying the price list of charged services.

Description of the solution

IS PS is based on the Internet-portal which offers a patient quick access to information about working hours of a medical institution, medical offices and doctors.

IS PS works in 24/7 mode and performs the tasks of setting up preliminary appointments, providing background information about a medical institution, test results. IS PS is particularly interesting for working population whose working hours coincide with a clinic’s register office working hours. It is important for them to minimize the time spent on a visit to a clinic, especially if the visit takes place not during the sick leave certificate period.

IS PS can be accessed not only via the Internet, but also via an info-terminal situated in a clinic hall. Patients now can sign up for an appointment not only in the register office, they get an option of an info-terminal where bar-codes and smart-cards can be used, and therefore the number of lines at clinics is reduced.

The system offers an opportunity for feedback between a patient and a medical institution by notifying a registered patient about certain changes at a medical institution, for instance, a patient who signed up for an appointment with a certain specialist received information if the doctor’s working hours change – in a convenient form, via sms or e-mail.

At the discretion of a medical institution administration the set of the services accessible in the system can be changed. For example, preliminary signing up for certain services can be unavailable.

For patients:
• time saving;
• increase in service satisfaction.

For Regional Healthcare authorities:
• organization of effective cooperation between a medical institution and patients;
• increase of the Region healthcare management efficiency by means of monitoring services.

For doctors:
• opportunity to work more productively in a brand-new, non-confrontational technoloc environment;
• raise of one’s social prestige and self-esteem.

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