Monitoring of Inter-municipal Vascular Centers





About the system

The information system of «Inter-municipal Medical Vascular Centers» monitoring (IS IMVC) is designed for maintaining the functions of efficient monitoring of inter-municipal vascular centers, the regional vascular center activities, consultative work on vascular diseases cases registered on the territory of the Russian Federation subject.

The main goal of IS IMVC is to improve the quality and productivity of diagnostics and treatment processes at regional vascular centers and improve the quality of preventive measures and treatment of vascular diseases, mortality and invalidity decrease due to using legitimate management solutions.

IS IMVC can perform the following functions:
• remote input of data about all medical cases within the vascular profile;
• collection of all (any) data groups on the cases;
• opportunity to update the system database with new references and data input fields;
• customizable automated estimation of a medical case parameters using tables based on the data inputted manually;
• Developing customizable analytical reporting on management criteria. The indices are given in absolute and relative values.

Description of the solution

Cardiovascular diseases top the mortality structure, that’s why fundamental changes in the approach to treating vascular diseases were necessary. The stake is not on hospitals situated close to patients’ residence, but on vascular centers which have equipment and staff for tackling more difficult tasks and doing it more efficiently than before.

Such scheme presents a three-level structure of emergency medical care:
1. Central Regional Hospitals являются serve as a filter and are used more for planned patients rather than for emergency cases.
2. Primary inter-municipal vascular centers оснащенные are equipped with modern devices and have highly-qualified staff; they use modern standards of treatment and are ready to deal with the most challenging tasks.
3. Regional Vascular Center.

Therefore, the «vascular program» is a complex and comprehensive business model which cannot be managed without high quality data support.

IS IMVC has been developed to solve this problem.

The system provides an opportunity to solve the problems of data input and storage in a united data warehouse and makes them accessible for all concerned parties.

The system offers users an opportunity to implicitly and thoroughly describe a vascular case in order to provide sufficient data for performing analytic procedures, executing assessment on different scales, and conducting an examination of the treatment quality.

An opportunity of integration with the federal software product «Hospital Register» and other systems solves the problem of doubled data input in different software products, makes the IS MIVC a united data resource for everyone.

Taking into account the fact that the information necessary for work changes constantly, the IS MIVC system of references has been developed to be maximally flexible. Users can change and add description of cases without assistance of developers.

The system contains a set of management reports for improving assessment and conducting overall analysis of work at any given vascular center or the system as a whole.

For patients:
• decline in mortality and improvement of life quality by means of modern treatment methods of cerebrovascular accidents.

For Regional Healthcare authorities:
• implementing new management approaches at the junction of several services.

For doctors:
• working with the most modern methods of treating vascular diseases.

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