Central Archive
of Medical Images





About the system

The information system Central Archive of Medical Images (IS CAMI) is a product of Corporate Information Routines company. It embodies the global trends of PACS systems development and the company’s nine-year experience of developing, maintaining and implementing PACS systems.

IS CAMI is designed for upgrading patients’ diagnostics and treatment due to optimization of work with diagnostic examinations results on the regional scale.

The system is based on the united centralized storage of medical images received from diagnostic devices of the region’s connected medical institutions. The system provides an opportunity to carry out immediate exchange of images between all participants of the diagnostics and treatment process.

Quick and mass-scale conversion of the region’s medical institution to the united informational space of the region with filmless mode of work becomes possible thanks to the solution’s centralized architecture and use of Web-technologies.

IS CAMI can perform the following functions:
• registration of an examination;
• access to a patient’s data directly from a diagnostic device console;
• image transfer from a diagnostic device to CAMI;
• automatic search for a patient by examination requisites;
• search for a patient by ID and other requisites;
• browsing and processing a patient’s diagnostic images;
• an administrator’s access to the history of images browsing;
• saving results of examinations on optical media;
• consultations with the center of competence;

Description of the solution

The system offers plenty of opportunities for working with images by means of a universal browsing solution with an optimal set of post-processing tools with follow-up export of examination images into different graphic formats.

In order to improve quality and speed up the treatment process, an opportunity to hold far-distance consultations of a diagnostician doctor with a necessary expert is available in the system. In the situation when a diagnostician cannot make a medical decision on a certain case independently or wants to get a consultation on the examination, the system interface offers an opportunity to submit an application for a consultation and receive a reply promptly.

DICOM 3.0 is a standard protocol of medical image exchange and storage. It is supported by all leading medical diagnostic equipment manufacturers. The protocol has a convenient feature of providing medical equipment with an opportunity to request its work schedule (DICOM Modality Work List).

In order to provide opportunities for IS CAMI work with equipment that doesn’t support DICOM standard, two modules have been realized within the solution:

Grip module
The module’s major functions:
• gripping images and video flows created by diagnostic equipment;
• scanning hard copies of images;
• importing images from ready files.

Virtual printer
The module is a component for integration with equipment that doesn’t support DICOM. It carries out conversion of files with diagnostic examination results received from the equipment into DICOM format.

At present IS CAMI has realized integration with the majority of well-known diagnostic equipment vendors, such as: Siemens, Toshiba, Philips, FujiFilm, Konica, Olympus, GE HC, Agfa, Kodak, Schiller, research manufacturing company Electron, etc.

For patients:
• accessibility of highly qualified consultations in the most remote from the center backcountry districts the center;
• decrease in service costs due to using the electronic form of transferring data.

For Regional Healthcare authorities:
• saving of healthcare resources by means of eliminating doubled services;
• upgrading the average level of rentgenologists’ qualification.

For doctors:
• fast upgrading of qualification by means of far-distance consultations with experienced colleagues;
• using modern technologies to achieve more accurate, well-grounded diagnoses.

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