12th Conference « Technologies of Innovative Healthcare »
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The 12th international research-to-practice conference Technologies of Innovative Healthcare took place in Kazan on June 6-7 2013. This event was established and is annually organized by the Corporative Information Routines (CIR) company, which specializes in healthcare management systems. The company develops and implements full-blown management systems for regional healthcare, overall clinical systems, systems for managing a clinic or a group of clinics, which are successfully used both in Russia and beyond its borders.

The focus of the conference remains unchanged: enhancing efficiency of healthcare management by means of applying innovative management solutions based on information technologies.

More and more like-minded professionals and colleagues gather at the conference annually. They are ready to discuss important topics and urgent issues, express their opinion on the challenges, share experience and best practices accumulated at the local level. For instance, over 400 participants and guests from more than Russian cities and also Canada, Germany, Czechia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Iran, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and other countries took part in the 12th conference.

Chief executives of administration agencies, representatives of regional departments, ministries, and boards of healthcare, also informatization and communication, representatives of government authorities, chief executives of mandatory medical insurance funds, leading specialists of clinics and companies of Russia and also European and Asian countries participated in the conference.

Ayrat Farrakhov, the Republic of Tatarstan Healthcare Minister, opened the event with a speech of welcome. Linar Yakupov, Chief Executive of the Tatarstan Agency for Investment Development, supported and emphasized the significance of the conference.

Tatyana Zarubina, Chairwoman of the Department of Medical Cybernetics and Computer Science of the Russian National Research Medicine University named after N.I. Pirogov, outlined the prospects of developing the unified state healthcare information system in her report “Priority Trends of IT-based Healthcare Management in the Modern Period”. Moreover, Tatyana Zarubina’s report drew attention to the situation in information integration in the Russian healthcare and the conditions stipulating success of informatization in healthcare at the present stage.

The conference Technologies of Innovative Healthcare consistently provides an opportunity to get acquainted with experience and achieved results of different constituent entities of Russia. Anna Zelenovskaya, chief of the regional state-financed healthcare institution Medical Informational-Analytical Center of the Irkutsk Region, shared her best practices this year. Senior Assistant of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya) President and Government Administration Aida Korostyleva represented her region with a report on the subject matter “Implementation of the project of remote medical consultation in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya)”. To a great extent, this project is innovative for Russia. Many other as much interesting reports from different regions attracted increased attention of the audience.

The distinguishing feature of the conference Technologies in Innovative Healthcare is an opportunity to gain experience in using information technologies in healthcare of foreign countries: Germany, Steffen Schmidt, representative of the Medical Valley EMN e.V., Bavaria; Ildar Khasanov from the BIOTRONIK company), Iran (Mohsen Asghari, Tree of pattern company - Representer of Iranian children Institute), Tajikistan (Shamsiddin Kurbanov, Chief Executive of the Medical Center NASL). The report of Doctor Olga Bogomolets, Chief Medical Officer of the Institute of Dermatology and Cosmetology (Kiev, Ukraine), focusing on tele-dermatology and remote diagnostics of skin tumors and Ukraine’s experience in this matter sparked considerable interest of the audience.

CEO of the Corporative Information Routines company Rustam Sungatov wound up the plenary session with his report that focused on the analysis of the current trends in healthcare management in Russia and abroad, he pointed out progressive, however, sometimes challenging advance towards the unified integrated medical information space.

Roundtable discussions were an important and integral part of the conference – they gave not just a chance to express one’s opinion, generalize ideas and solutions, but also yet again to feel one’s belonging to the significant work. The subject matters of such roundtable discussions were actively supported by the conference attendees: “The United State Healthcare Information System: achieved results and prospects of further development. Experience of Regions in building the regional fragment”, “Maintenance and technical support of the United State Healthcare Information System (infrastructure and application components of the system)”, “Cooperation of the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund with the United State Healthcare Information System. Integration of the Territorial Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund system and medical information systems. The role of medical information and analytics centers in the United State Healthcare Information System”.

The second day of the conference was devoted to the First Session of the specialized commission of the Russian Healthcare Ministry on implementation of modern information systems in healthcare. Tatyana Zarubina, Chief Non-staff Specialist of the Russian Healthcare Ministry for implementation of modern information systems in healthcare, Chairwoman of the Department of Medical Cybernetics and Computer Science of the Russian National Research Medicine University named after N.I. Pirogov, moderated the session.

Over 50 members of the commission attended the meeting; each of them had an opportunity to высказаться on the problems and achievements in IT-based healthcare management of their region, ask questions of interest, and discuss them with colleagues. All guests and participants of the conference also had a chance to attend the session as well.

Everyone who is engaged in the healthcare industry understands that any new product or solution is a new stage in the cooperative business of creating conditions for providing equal access to every citizen to good-quality medical services no matter where they live. Open nature of the dialogue accelerates the process, therefore, for the 12th year in a row the conference serves as a unique venue for demonstration of achievements in new healthcare management technologies, which provide means of enhancing the industry effectiveness.

The conference Technologies of Innovative Healthcare indisputably contributes to further development of not only information technologies, but also the healthcare system on the whole and increasingly attracts attention of the professional community.


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